General Liability Insurance

Commercial General Liability Insurance:

General liability coverage provides financial protection for your business when you are sued or held legally responsible for claims arising from bodily injury and/or property damage at your place of business or a clients business premises, and your business is found to be liable. Coverage to defend you is generally provided, as well as claims which may be groundless.

Why Liability Coverage is Required:

General liability is considered one of the key coverages of a quality business insurance program–though it is not the only coverage necessary for your business.

  • Premises liability is necessary in order to guard against slip and fall losses both on and off your premises.
  • Trade shows often require general liability coverage to exhibit at a trade show.
  • General Liability may provide Hired and Non-Owned Auto coverage, a critical often overlooked coverage. Many claims are generated from this frequently misunderstood portion of the General Liability section.

This section is designed for general informational and descriptive purposes only. The precise wording of each coverage is subject to specific conditions and endorsements of the actual policy issued. Always read your policy very carefully!

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