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"I am a General Contractor, you can imagine the business and economic challenges that my 40 employees and I are facing today. My insurance broker at United Agencies has been a key partner as my controller and I have mapped out our business strategy for 2010 - it's a moving target!

I hear others tell stories about bad insurance experiences, and in the 30 years that I've been doing what I do, trust me, I've seen some pretty strange things happen.

But United has provided me with the coverage I need, the certificates of insurance come when I ask for them (I use United's on-line certificate ordering system), and as insurance agencies go, I've found them to be responsive in helping me find solutions to my insurance problems."

- J.M. of Henderson, NV

Eric Shirding - Senior Insurance Account Executive

Eric Shirding
Senior Account Executive

"As one of the Senior Account Executives here at United Agencies, it’s true - we have excellent tools to help us deliver great service to our clients.

We also provide our clients with access to the best insurance carriers and as any experienced insurance buyer knows, access to a wide variety of insurance markets is a key reason to select one broker over another.

But having secure remote access to my client’s data is the real key to my success. No matter where I am, between my team members back at the office, and my encrypted laptop, technology allows me to keep my promises to my clients. Call me if you need my help to solve your next insurance problem."

Eric Shirding, Senior Account Executive
United Agencies, Inc. - UWIB Division
Insurance Brokers. Lic #0F18686

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