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"I own an import and distribution company with over 230 employees. The economic climate has hit our company hard but United Agencies has assisted my management team in ways we never even imagined an ‘insurance advisor’ could.

United helped us to control our insurance costs, but more importantly, they provided meaningful advice and FREE consulting to our HR Department and to our Operations Unit, and their contribution to our ability to meet the changing needs of this world have been priceless.-

- L.C. of Tustin California

insurance broker Eric Schirding

Eric Schirding
Account Executive

"As one of the Account Executives here at United Agencies, I can tell you that I truly appreciate the tools I have at my disposal. We can help you save on your insurance costs AND get the coverage you need.

United Agencies clients benefit by their access to all of the finest insurance carriers and as a broker, having access to markets that will meet my clients’ needs is the name of the game.

But beyond that, United provides me with solid, state of the art technology that enables me to do a good job for my clients. And my support staff members are, in my opinion, second to none. Let me know if you need my help to solve your next insurance problem.-

Eric Schirding, Account Executive
United Agencies, Inc.
Insurance Brokers. Lic #0252636

Insurance -
competitively priced and exclusively designed for Internet Service Providers, Software Companies, Computer Consultants, Programmers and WiSPs.

We insure internet service providers, software companies, WiSPs and telecommunications companies for coverage on their equipment and physical assets, their liability for designing and maintaining client sites, e-commerce and their limited liability to clients due to down time or system failure. We can also provide hacker coverage.

Your firm may elect to purchase various benefits such as Liability Insurance, insurance on the firm’s physical assets and, in most states, Workers’ Compensation coverage. These benefits are bundled in an exclusive program available to a limited number of brokers across the country. We also provide Employment Practices Liability and Group Health Insurance.

United is staying ahead by blazing the trail!