Insurance programs, specialized for software companies

Software Company Insurance

Why do Software Companies need Insurance?

Through our specialized insurance program, software companies can secure policies designed to provide the robust coverages needed by Software Companies. Almost all contract work requires proof of insurance coverage prior to starting any job. Even when contracts are thin in the insurance section, there’s still the indemnity section. Software Companies are advised to use caution when entering in to such agreements. Although you may have avoided prior litigation, losses do occur. Every day, thousands of lawsuits are filed all across the United States. Are you willing to work as hard as you do, only to lose it as a result of some unforeseen error or oversight? Why subject yourself or your family to financial hardship? Budget your insurance costs into each and every job or sale. It’s simply not worth the risk to operate a business without insurance, you’ve got to much to lose, even if your company is a start-up.

What valuable services does ISP Insurance bring to the table?

We think of our roll as similar to that of one of your four key advisors’, your Attorney, Doctor or CPA. As such, we can assist you to establish a properly written Business Insurance plan. Such a plan can be designed to extend protection from financial loss which could otherwise wipe you out. Legal defense costs easily exceed several hundred dollars per hour. Our solution: A specialized business owner’s policy often referred to as a "BOP-. This policy can provide bundled coverages including, business equipment coverage, and loss of income coverage. It also provides general liability and commercial auto liability protection. Our BOP is just one of four cornerstones of coverage that will provide you with a solid foundation of insurance coverage. Professional liability insurance is often referred to as errors and omissions (E & O) coverage and is a critical component to this foundation. Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability coverage is a misunderstood yet critical coverage. Did you realize that the most common liability claims result from the use of a company or personal automobiles during the course of business! Workers’ compensation is the other key insurance component to a well run business operation. Your homeowner’s and individual auto policies do not address these business liability exposures. Our specialized programs are available throughout the USA and we’ve been serving the IT business community since 1995. Please contact us and we’ll help to tailor the perfect small business insurance portfolio to meet your individual and growing needs.

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